Sunday, April 19, 2015

100 years ago this week - St Joseph's Convent School Iona opened

St Joseph's Convent School at Iona opened one hundred years ago, on April 11 1915. A report two weeks later  said that three Sisters of St Joseph on the teaching staff and sixty children attend daily,

Bunyip Free Press April 15, 1915

The opening of the Convent in 1915, from 100 years of a Catholic Faith Community: St Joseph's Iona 1905-2005 by Damian Smith.

A more detailed report, some of which is reproduced here,was in The Advocate, of April 17, 1915. the full article can be read here -

Here's some description of the  building, from the same Advocate article.

Here's more description of the new Iona Convent from The Advocate, of April 17 1915.