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How Garfield celebrated the Armistice in 1918

This is how the Armistice was celebrated at Garfield in 1918. On the day it was announced  Garfield children paraded the streets with 50 kerosene tins, 2 drums and bells and whistles. They collected money for a flag as well. 

Bunyip and Garfield Express November 15 1918

The Monster Picnic on Peace Day, referred to in the article above, took place on Wednesday, November 20  - there was a procession, which included a field gun and a machine gun, a sporting programme and a concert. An effigy of the Kaiser was 'hanged and left swinging all day' - clearly no 'snowflakes' in the town in 1918.

Bunyip and Garfield Express November 22 1918

Who were all these people listed? I have looked them up in the Electoral Roll and other sources and presented any information I could find here - 
Barker - Mr Barker was the handicapper for the sporting events and the concert was held in his padock -  John Wylie Wright, orchardist, of Garfield. He was married to Eleanor May Scott. The Electoral Roll also lists a Albert Stirling Barker, farmer, of Garfield. I believe the two men were brothers and that John Barker was the Barker of Barker Reidy Co that later became Barker, Green and Parke.
Beswick - Mr Beswick came third in the married men's race - John Beswick, farmer, of Garfield. His wife was Mary Elizabeth (nee Hodgson) They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in May 1920 and put this informative notice in The Australasian on June 5, 1920. Their son, Edward, died of wounds and gas poisoning in France on October 9, 1917.

The Australasian June 5, 1920

Bird - Mr Bird was a judge of the sporting events - George Bird, baker, of Garfield.
Chippendall  - Mr Chippindall presented the school with  a flag - Thomas Edward Chippindall, bailiff, of Garfield. He was married to Margaret Ann Brewer. 
Dawes, O - Miss Dawes was the Queen of Peace. We have two possibilities from the 1918 Electoral Roll - possibly connected to Alfred and Elizabeth Dawes of Iona - they had four sons who went to the War, read about them here.  Alternatively, Miss Dawes could also be connected to Richard and Emily Dawes of Bunyip
Dreier - Mr Dreier performed at the concert - Edward Augustus Dreier and his wife, Julia (nee Wardell), were the owners of the Iona Hotel at Garfield. 
Edwards - Mr Edwards also performed at the concert - this is possibly Thomas Henry Edwards, labourer, of Iona.
Gardner - Mr Gardner presented the flag to the school in conjunction with Mr Chipindall. This is Hugh Alexander Gardner, Manager of the E.S & A Bank at Garfield. He was married to Florence
Gee, P.C - the article says the P.C Gee (not 49) helped direct the procession. Not sure what the 'not 49' means. The Electoral Roll has William and Agnes Gee of Garfield and Harold and Gertrude (nee Irvine) Gee of Iona they were the parents of Ethel and Norman. So not sure who P.C Gee is.
Green - Mr Green was a judge at the sporting events - Daniel Winsor Green, farmer, of Garfield,  husband of Eliza (nee James).
Harrington  - Mrs Harrington performed at the concert - Marjorie Alice Harrington (nee Reeds)  and her husband, Lionel Charles Harrington, farmer, of Garfield.
Heath - Mrs Heath won the 'married ladies race' - Sydney Arthur Heath, labourer, of Garfield is listed in the Electoral roll. He married Minnie Fenselau in 1916, so I presume this is the athletic Mrs Heath.
Henwood - Mrs Henwood did a recitation at the concert and Master Henwood performed a song. William and Bertha (nee Vincent) Henwood lived at Garfield, he was a farmer and she was a music teacher. They had at least three sons that I can trace, all born in England, William, c.1905; Charles c. 1907 and John c. 1910 - so I presume one of the boys was the Master Henwood who sang the song.
Hill - Mr Hill put the children through 'various drill evolutions' - Henry Percy Hill, farmer, of Garfield. He was married to Elizabeth. 
Hunt - Mr Hunt was  a judge in the sporting events - Charles Frederick Hunt, grocer, of Garfield, I presume the Ethel Daisy Hunt listed is his wife.
Johnson - Mr Johnson performed at the concert  - Thomas William Johnson, labourer, of Garfield. There is also a Matilda Johnson listed in Garfield, presumably his wife.
Kuhnell - Mr Kuhnell helped direct the procession - Albert Robertshaw and Mary Ann Kuhnell are listed in Garfield - he is a labourer.
Lanigan - Mrs Lanigan played the overture at the concert. Patrick Lanigan was the Station Master and his talented wife was Gladys Eugena (nee Hunter)
M'Mannis - Mrs M'Mannis did a recitation at the concert - Edith M'Mannis and her husband James operated the store at Vervale (corner 13 Mile Road and the Main Drain Road South) from 1916 to 1967 - you can read about it here.
Park - Mr Park was Chairman at the concert - George Park was the Garfield blacksmith, his wife was Annie.
Pedersen - Mr Pedersen was a race handicapper - Peter Hansen Pedersen was a grocer's assistant.
Reidy - Mr Reidy was a judge at the sporting event - Martin Reidy is listed as an Agent - part of Barker Reidy Co that later became Barker, Green and Parke. Martin's wife was Mary
Robertson - Mrs Robertson performed at the concert -  James Alfred Robertson, orchardist, of Garfield and Mrs Robertson's name was Ada. 
Trezise - Mrs Tresize also performed at the concert -  Horace Michael Trezise is listed as a grocer at Garfield - he was married to Pearl Pedersen;   Enos Trezise was listed as a grocer's assistant - he was married to Charlotte Jane Perry. Horace and Enos were brothers, so  not sure whether Pearl or Charlotte was the singer. Pearl Pedersen was the sister of Peter Pedersen, listed above. They were the children of Mads Jensen Pedersen and Mary Blanch Apperley also listed as Happily also listed as Happley, in the Indexes to the Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages.