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Heather Arnold.

Monday, January 13, 2014

First land sales in Garfield 1887

On November 29, 1887 at 2.00pm a sale of township allotments in Garfield took place at the Auction rooms of Munro and Baillieu, 40 Collins Street, elbourne.  The ‘upset’ price was £10 per lot and the purchaser also had to pay survey costs. These allotments were south of the Railway line, running from just west of Thirteen Mile Road to the Fourteen Mile Road.  According to the Garfield Township Plan the purchasers at this first land sale were -  Lot 1 - G. Sweet; Lot 2 - F. Steed; Lots 3 & 18 - M. Ryan; Lot 4 - W. Harnwell; Lots 5, 8 & 15 - M.Hood; Lots 6 & 11 - A. Ritchie; Lot 7 - A.E Biggs; Lot 9 -  J.W Borland; Lots 10 & 16 - M. Pasquan; Lot 12 -  M.I Jones; Lot 13 - W.M.K Vale; Lot 14 – J. Pearson; Lot 16 – Reserved for Police purposes; Lot 17 - F.G Hartley and Lot 19 - A.E Dangerfield.  

 The Argus of November 29, 1887 available on Trove http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper  

In 1893, according to the Shire of Berwick Rate Books, many of these blocks had a Net Annual Value well below the £10 ‘upset’ price; some blocks were valued at only £4. Australia was in a depression in the early 1890s, so this drop in value may have just reflected the depressed state of the Australian economy at this time.

Garfield Township plan

I have tried to find out some more information about these original land owners from the Rate Books and other sources, some of whom may have been speculators as they didn’t live locally. Martin Ryan is listed as a publican. Adam Ritchie was a farmer. I assume he was the same Adam Ritchie who was the brother of George and Alexander Ritchie, who owned various parcels of land from Nar Nar Goon to Garfield. His sister, Jane, married Richard Fortune and they lived on Bald Hill Road, Nar Nar Goon. W.M.K Vale is listed as owning not only Lot 13 in Garfield but five different lots in Bunyip. A.E.Dangerfield was an accountant, address Melbourne.  W. Harnwell’s address was in Little Collins Street; Martin Hood is listed as a ‘Gentleman’ and his address is also Melbourne. 

Martin Pasquan is listed as a publican and was the owner of Pasquan’s Hotel in Bourke Street, Melbourne when he died November 19, 1888 at the age of 45. In 1893, the Garfield block was listed in the name of Mrs Pasquan. Her occupation in the Rate Books was listed as ‘Lady’ which belied her real role in life as a publican running various hotels. She was born Fanny Pascoe, married Martin in 1874 and they had five children who died under the age of three and one who survived to adulthood, Maximilian (Max) born in 1879.

Martin Pasquan was born in Fiume in Hungary (as a matter of interest, after the First World War Fiume was claimed by the Italians and after the Second World War was part of Yugoslavia and is now part of Croatia) and had arrived in Melbourne in 1865 followed by Joseph in 1883 who had spent the previous ten years in Liverpool in England.

Back to Max - he married Mary Maddern in December 1904 in Melbourne but it was a short lived marriage as in April 1908 Mary took him to Court suing for maintenance. In her evidence she said that on the day after the marriage he had left and gone to Western Australia where he was until February 1908 when he sent her a telegraph saying ‘meet me at the Ascot Vale Railway Station, prepare for bad news’ When they met he said ‘I don’t like you anymore. I like somebody else better’ The Court ordered him to pay her 10 shillings per week and they divorced in 1911. In 1918 when his mother died he was living in Ponsonby, New Zealand, with his wife Ruby, whom he married in 1915. He remained in New Zealand where he died in 1953.

You can find a clearer copy of the Garfield Township Plan on the Public Records Office of Victoria website www.prov.vic.gov.au  The easiest way to find this plan and other Township and Parish Plans is from the home page > “Access the collection” > at the top of the page click “Searching” > “Search within a series” > VPRS number is 16171 and type Garfield in the other search box.  Parish Plans and Township Plans show you the owners of the land after the Crown i.e. the people who purchased the land at the first Government or Crown Land sales. If your relatives were early settlers in other parts of Victoria you might find their name on a Parish Plan. The State Library of Victoria www.slv.vic.gov.au    has also digitised many Parish and Township plans.

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