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Heather Arnold.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two Soldier Brothers by Eva Weatherhead

This letter to Aunt Connie of the Weekly Times was written by my Grandma, Eva Rouse (nee Weatherhead) It was published in the Weekly Times on November 6, 1915.  It has an interesting description of the town of Tynong.

Weekly Times November 6, 1915

Two Soldier Brothers

Eva Weatherhead, who lives at Tynong, writes:
Dear Aunt Connie, It is a very long time since I wrote to you. Since then we have shifted from Lyonville, where we formerly lived. Tynong is a small country township situated on the main Gippsland line. In it are two stores, a boarding-house, post office, station, school and some very nice private residences. We live over five miles from Tynong. There are some pretty fern gullies. They are made beautiful by different sorts of ferns and shrubs, with creepers climbing everywhere. Some of the ferns grow to a great height - 30 feet and 35 feet. A very good view can be obtained from the mountains, and on clear days one can easily see the sea. Tynong is on the edge of Kooweerup Swamp. The people around here make a living by farming, dairying, and fruit growing principally. There are many wild flowers out now. Some are very pretty. Kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, and wombats frequent the bush. We have a pony which I ride and drive. I have two soldier brothers. One is at Seymour and the other at the front. I have three cousins at the front. One was killed, and another wounded. My age is 14 years and 1 month. Please may I write again?
[Yes, Eva. I hope your brothers will come safely home to you all. Aunt Connie.]

The two brothers Eva writes about are Frank and Alf - you can read about them here.

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  1. Hello Heather. My father's parents lived in Tynong in the 1920's. Dad has a great photo he would like to share and he was wanting to find some information about the area. How would he get in contact with you? He does not have a computer and would prefer to call or visit. You can contact me on my email address. Many thanks Melinda