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Heather Arnold.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ellen Weatherhead (nee Ramsdale) 1822 - 1903

This is an announcement of the death of my great great grandmother, Ellen Weathernead (nee Ramsdale) who died October 23, 1903. Her husband was Henry Fortescue Weatherhead, who died December 5, 1866

The Argus October 28, 1903 p. 8

The death of a very old colonist is reported this morning in the person of Mrs H. Fortescue Weatherhead of the Warrnambool district. This lady first arrived in Melbourne in 1839 landing at Liardet's Beach and crossing the Yarra at the ford of stepping stones near the Queen's bridge of the present day. She returned to Tasmania about 1844 and, having married Mr Weatherhead, again came to Victoria, settling in Portland with her husband and removing about 1859 to Warrnambool. Mrs Weatherhead during all her long stay in Victoria took great interest in dairying pursuits and claimed to have made the first cheese in the state. Amongst her surviving children are Mr John Weatherhead, manager of the Camperdown Butter Factory and Mr. H. W. Weatherhead, who is sawmilling at Lyonville.

According Ellen's  Death Certificate, her occupation was Dairywoman, she was born in Yorkshire. Her father was John Ramsdale. She spent  5 years in England, 11 in Tasmania and 64 in Victoria. She was married at the age of 24 in Launceston to Henry, she was buried at the Warrnambool Cemetery and her children on the death certificate are listed as - Elizabeth Sarah (deceased), John Stroyan 53 years old, Thomas deceased, Horatio William 50 years old, Henry Graham 48 years old, Alice Jane deceased, Mary Emma 44 years old, Eliza Esdaile deceased, Ellen Agnes 40 years old and Albert Esdaile deceased.

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