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Sunday, January 8, 2017

George Glover - the father of Annie Rouse

This is an obituary of George Glover, my great, great grandfather who died January 8, 1887. His daughter Annie (born July 24 1865)  married James Joseph Rouse (born June 26 1862)  on February 2, 1892. They had five children Joseph Albert (my grandfather November 9 1892 - September 3, 1954), Emily (found drowned in the Yarra in August 1919 aged 25)  Lucy ( September 2 , 1895 - October 27, 1981) Ruth (died aged 6 months on February 22, 1896) and Annie (born and died 1898). Annie had previously had another child, a daughter called Lily, who was born in 1885. Annie died February 7, 1899 at the age of 33.  Her mother and George's wife, was Ellen Dugan.  George and Ellen had come from Lisburn, near Belfast, County Antrim, Belfast. The obituary of George Glover  is from the Bairnsdale Advertiser of January 13, 1887.

Bairnsdale Advertiser of January 13, 1887.

We extract the following from Monday's Times:-An old and respected resident of Clydebank, Mr.George Glover, died somewhat suddenly on Saturday evening at his residence. The deceased, so we are informed, was very ill after retiring to bed, and Dr. Reid was sent for from Sale immediately, but on his arrival he found Mr  Glover dead. The matter was reported to Mr. John Little, J.P., of Sale, who yesterday instructed Dr Macdonald to make a post mortem examination of the body, which wasaccordingly done, with the result that the cause of death was discovered to be enlargement of the heart. Mr. Glover, who was about 58 years of age, leaves a widow and grown up family, for whom much sympathy is felt in their bereavement.

This is George and Ellen (nee Dugan) Glovers grave in the Sale Cemetery. Also buried in the grave are their grand daughters Ruth, who is listed on the stone and Annie, who is not listed.

George and Ellen's grave

This is Annie Rouse's grave, she had no head stone for decades until her grand children erected one about 20 years ago.

Annie's grave at the front, at the Sale Cemetery

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