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Ball held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Keast Hall, Cora Lynn

The Koo-Wee-Rup Sun of August 9, 1961 had a report on a ball to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Keast Hall at Cora Lynn. 

I have transcribed the article which includes a list of some of the people who attended and even more interesting, to me, a description of some of the dresses the women wore.

50th Anniversary of Keast Hall

Large Crowd at Cora Lynn Ball

A chance look into the old records of the Keast Hall at Cora Lynn revealed that August 4th, the date chosen for the 40 and Over Ball, was also the 50th anniversary of the opening of the hall.

Such a momentous occasion could not go un-noticed and last minute arrangements were made to invite a number of old settlers, as well as many former residents. The ball and subsequent reunion turned out to be one of the biggest social occasions in the history of Cora Lynn.

Special guests at the ball were two of the original committeemen, Mr. T.Walsh who resides in Warragul, and Mr. W. Porter, of Bentleigh. Well known Cardinia personality, Mr."Bumpa" Gee was also a guest of honour, as he played the piano for the first dance ever held at the hall. Another surviving committeeman, Mr. Murdoch of Koo Wee Pup, was unable to attend and sent his apologies.

Conducted for the third year, the 40 and over ball is increasing is popularity each year and, as well as catering almost exclusively for this age group, seems to be somewhat of a Cora Lynn re-union as well.

Dineen's orchestra played for the dances which were sprinkled with a liberal dose of old-time numbers. Mr. Jim McDonald, secretary of the Cora Lynn Football Club, was MC for the evening. Mr. Matt Garbellini got a loud round of applause for his harmonica numbers as did Mr "Bumpa" Gee when he was pianist for a couple of the dances.

During the evening a circular waltz competition, judged by Mr. Roy O'Shaughnessy of Bunyip,was won by Mr. and Mrs.Wally Cowell of Nar Nar Goon, from a number of other contestants.

Important interlude in the evening's proceedings came when a lovely golden jubilee cake decorated with 50 candles, was brought into the hall. Mr. Dan Kinsella, Mr. and Mrs. W.Porter, Mr. "Bumpa" Gee and Mr. T. Walsh all gathered round the cake for the cutting ceremony.

Mr. Kinsella said he was just speechless to think that 50 years had past since the opening of the hall. He said he was delighted to be in the company of so many old-timers, former residents and friends, to celebrate a most momentous occasion in the history of Cora Lynn. Mr. Kinsella then read out the apologies from Mr. G. Murdoch of Koo Wee Rup, Cr. Ray Jeffers, Mayor of Dandenong, and Mr. Les Jeffers of Geelong, whose father Mr. A.Jeffers was one of the original committeemen.

Mr. Kinsella said that, although the district had had experienced hard times it had developed into a very fine area, largely due to the confidence of the early selectors, who set to and worked to clear and drain the land. Mr.Kinsella said that Cora Lynn to him was "in the centre of the Garden of Eden."

Mr. Kinsella paid tribute to Mrs. Dillon who had organised the ball for the Cora Lynn Football Club in such an efficient way.

 Mr. Tom Walsh expressed his pleasure at attending such a wonderful function and told several amusing anecdotes of the old days at Cora Lynn. Mr.Porter also said how much he was enjoying the evening amongst his old friends.

Who was there
The Berwick Shire President Cr. Templeton and Mrs. Templeton: Cr. And Mrs. E. Towt; Cr. and Mrs. J. Fallon; Cr. and Mrs. Wakenshaw; Cr. And Mrs. Dan Cunningham; Cr and Mrs. L. J. Cochrane; Cr. and Mrs. P., B. Fechner; Mrs. P. Johnson, Melbourne (cousin of Mrs. F. Egan); Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lawler and daughter Bernadette of Morland (formerly of Koo Wee Rup); Mr.and Mrs. Jack McClure of Werribee (formerly of Koo Wee Rup). Mrs. Lawler and Mrs. McClure are sisters of Mr. Tom Burton of Koo Wee Rup. Miss C. H Egan, Koo Wee Rup; Mrs O'Hehir (snr.) Pakenham Road; Mrs. Whiteside Koo Wee Rup; Mrs. and Mrs. Bill Rodbur of Frankston; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Holley; Mr.and Mrs. Kappler of Melbourne; Mr. Dave Harker of Warragul; Mr. and Mrs.Lindsay Leamon of Drouin (Mrs. Leamon was Phyllis Clark of Monomeith); Mrs Bill Doherty of Pascoe Vale (former Cora Lynn resident); Mr. and Mrs Pringle of Lang Lang (Mrs. Pringle was formerly Elva Watson of Cora jynn). Mr. Steve Watson of Frankston. Mrs. Harvey (formerly Muriel Watson). Mrs. Boyd of Adelaide (formerly Nellie Marshall of Cora Lynn).

Some of the frocks
Mrs. Frank Egan wore a deep blue frock featuring an embroidered bodice; Mrs. D. Kinsella's brocade frock was in green and black tones; Mrs. Wakenshaw wore a pink camellia as a colour note on her black frock and jacket; Mrs. W. Frawley’s frock was in vivid ming blue.

Fur trimmed the collar and cuffs of Mrs. Rodbur's strawberry wool frock; Mrs. Towt wore a grey fur coat with her long pink frock splashed with deeper pink roses; Mrs. Les Egan's short frock was of rose pink lace over satin, over which she wore a fur cape;  Mrs. Ted Holley chose olive green silk faille for her frock; Mrs. Bill Giles (Manks Road) wore a frock of filmy black and white patterned nylon.

Mrs. B. Broadbent's frock was in a pale champagne chiffonelle, and featured a floating scarf caught at the shoulder; Mrs. Jack Sewell's frock featured a shell pink lace bodice allied to a black skirt; Black embroidered nylon fashioned Mrs. J.Huntingford's frock; Mrs Eddie Dillon's ballerina was made from vivid pink satin; Mrs. G. Davis of Pakenham South wore a deep burgandie velvet frock. Mrs. Vin Doherty's sheath frock was in woody tones of brown and green; Coffee lace over satin fashioned Mrs. Sil Finnigan's frock. A black nylon ballerina embossed with sunrays was Mrs. P. Dillon's choice; Mrs. Lawler's frock had a tiered skirt and was made of black lace over royal blue satin; Mrs. Summers wore a necklet of crystal beads with her flame velvet frock;  Mrs. J. Fallon wore a fur stole with her ink blue and lilac brocade gown; Pakenham resident Mrs. Jack Brown wore a fur jacket with her black velvet frock;  Mrs. Matt Garbellini wore a long frock of pastel blue embossed organza; Mrs. Pringle of Lang Lang wore a floral frock in blue, rose pink and green tonings;  Mrs. Duncan of Koo Wee Rup wore pale mauve gloves with her pure silk taffeta ballerina in deeper violet tonings. 

Supper rounded off a wonderful evening, and included many varieties of hot savouries.

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  1. Have just come across your most interesting website Heather. We farm in McClures Rd, Bayles. I noticed Mr & Mrs Jack McClure attended this event & I am guessing McClures Rd was named after their family. I shall do some more investigating on google. Regards, Anne