Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Road between Bayles and Cora Lynn

I came across this article, in a report from a Shire of Berwick meeting,  about the 'new' road between Bayles and Cora Lynn in the Dandenong Journal of May 5, 1954. I had no idea that this road was constructed so recently - I assumed it would have been there since the Swamp was settled. What is called the No.4 Yallcok Drain Road in the article, also called the No. 4 Drain Road was changed to Dineen Road in 2018 (or maybe late 2017). At the same time the  No. 7 Drain Road south was changed to Mynard Road and No. 7 Drain Road north to Jeffers Road. Personally, I think it's a shame to lose those historic names.

The Bayles-Cora Lynn Road is pretty ordinary and is still  not up to standard, 65 years after it was constructed. It is especially bad from Bayles to Roper Lane - which is the old Shire of Cranbourne section. From Roper Lane to Cora Lynn is much better in comparison; this section is in the old Shire of Berwick.

Dandenong Journal May 5, 1954

New Road between Bayles, Cora Lynn
Having constructed a road which will replace the adjacent shire road along the west side of the No. 4 Yallock Drain between Bayles and Cora Lynn, the State Rivers suggested that council now take it over. The State Rivers indicated if council was prepared to do this, it was willing to pay it a lump sum to bring it up to the required standard. A similar proposal has been put up to Cranbourne Shire regarding the section in their area.—Referred to the engineer and Riding councillors for recommendation.

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